Wavemotive introduces a game changing patent pending digital platform

“Ride the Wave”

Our Experience

The digital delivery landscape for U.S. church bookstores and faith based curators is changing. We have developed a delivery model based on our experience with this cohort to convert them into RMA wave members. Each RMA wave member saves $400-$750 in traditional weekly airtime cost for 30 minutes of exclusive content per market* eliminating a total of $208M-$390M annually per market for 10,000 RMA Wave members and converting their loyal audiences to RMA wave subscribers. (*Scott Link Media June 30 2015)

Why Us?

The wave partnership proposal utilizes three drivers: 1) great partnerships with sophisticated and established brands, 2) new technology as an indispensable tool and interface, 3) consistent relationship management to emphasize—People, Products, and Promotions.

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