Service #1


RMA wave subscribers receive  exclusive faith based content and expanded media; leveraging flexible wave access™ to all available digital media subscription services anytime e.g. Hulu, Netflix, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify®, Sling, etc. without additional monthly subscriber fees.

Service #2


We create a national distribution network of 10,000 RMA wave members from over 300,000* U.S. church bookstores and faith based curators nationally to market a proposed RMA wave platform to 138 million target U.S. consumers. There is a $35 fee paid by RMA wave members for each of their weekly uploads  to exclusively stream on the RMA wave platform. RMA wave membership provides a uniform brand identity. Nonmember bookstores and curators pay wave members to deliver their own unique content to the RMA streaming platform as Wavers.

Service #3


RMA wave subscribers pay $19.99 a month. The proposed RMA wave streaming platform is an alternative for target consumers who pay $20 a month currently for CD’s/DVD’s from U.S. church bookstores and faith based curators.