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We have been involved in the training arena for faith based curators for over 15 years. Weekly organized services by faith based curators still have a relevant influence with our target consumers according to “The Bible in American Life”, a research paper from the Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture.

Our target consumers are 66% protestant, 32% Catholic and 3% Mormon. Nationally, 231 million Americans (70 percent) describe themselves as Christians, of which 138 million *(60 percent) attend weekly organized services. Faith motivated consumers are a subset of our target consumer, they represent 17% of the U.S. adult population—more than 41 million people. They spend $2 trillion annually; Gender: Female (53%) and Male (47%), Age: 18-34 (25%), 35-49 (25%), 50-64 (30%), and 65 or older (19%), Race: White (62%), Black (18%), Hispanic (13%), and Asian (4%).  (*American Insights survey 2018 for Faith Driven Consumer™)

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Our proposed delivery model converts church bookstores and faith based curators into RMA wave members, who pay a one time fee to be RMA wave members but receive financial incentives to exclusively stream their media content to their dedicated audiences using the RMA wave platform. Their audiences are part of our 138 million target consumers.

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